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Thread: TouchOSC and Ableton Live-matching scene labels from Ableton

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    TouchOSC and Ableton Live-matching scene labels from Ableton


    I'm trying to figure out how to make the buttons and labels in TouchOSC match the scene buttons and labels in Ableton Live. In other words, Touch OSC buttons would automatically populate the scene names from any Ableton Live file. I'm using Touch OSC editor.
    Any help will be appreciated.



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    Hi Michael,

    It really depends on which version of Ableton Live you are using.

    Since version 8 of Live, Ableton have made steady progress towards the Max for Live technology, unfortunately things like LiveOSC and LiveOSC 2 do not work anymore. So, if you are using Live 10, I would check out the Connection Kit and see if that does the job, otherwise you might be able to tweak yourself something in Max for Live. The Connection Kit even includes a TouchOSC device; I guess you wouldn't need OSCulator for this (but I have not tried).

    If you are an older version of Live, then you might be happy with LiveOSC (for Live 8) or LiveOSC 2 (for Live 9), but it's not an easy journey...


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