There's a handy feature in Plogue that allows user to create new 'virtual' MIDI ports (see pics).

x_iMac 2018-10-25 at 17.29.51.jpg
These display in Logic's Physical Input along with that MIDI port's number.

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Would it be practical to add such an option to OSCulator?

In the interest of research, I've learned that you can already create multiple virtual ports by making copies of OSCulator (2, 3 etc.).
These do appear in Logic's Environment alongside OSCulator's default MIDI port, though without identifying numbers.

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The good news is these extra ports work!

...incoming MIDI data from multiple OSCulator docs arrives in separate streams and doesn't all flow through just one port,
which saves time routing data through Channel Splitters, Transformer Objects etc. before it can be passed through to channel strips etc.

Duplicating the app works, but the price is x n higher CPU