Hello everybody,

I try to connect a Behringer X32 to Apple Logic Pro X with OSCulator as some kind of "message translation bridge".
Unfortunately for now it does not work as expected...

My aim is to use all of the 32 faders of the X32 an map them to 32 faders in Logic (Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo).
For now I see OSC messages from the X32 in OSCulator, if I use the workaround from RichardBarley (https://osculator.net/forum/threads/...-ping-messages) - but that is another story (@camille: +1 who'd like to have a timer to send /xremote )
I can also map the OSC messages from the X32 to MIDI CC or /logic/mixer/track.../.../... when using the Logic Plugin.

But whatever method I use, there are some downsides:
If I use the Logic Plugin, I can address only track 1-8. Is it possible to overcome this limitation?
If I use MIDI CC without the plugin, I am not able to send messages back from Logic to OSCulator (e.g changing track levels). Do I miss something here?

Is there someone out there who can help me?

Thank you,