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Thread: Problem with keycodes in v3.3.0?

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    Problem with keycodes in v3.3.0?


    I just bought v3.3.0 of OSCulator and set up a simple TouchOSC layout, a fader and several buttons, that transmits only OSC messages.

    I then defined an OSCulator mapping that sends MIDI continuous controller from the fader and keycodes from the buttons. The fader works as expected.

    But the buttons only work the first time I press them in TouchOSC. In the OSCulator monitor window I can see the messages are being received, so it's definitely not a configuration issue with TouchOSC. But OSCulator stops transmitting the keycodes after the first press. If I then click on the activity box in OSCulator it briefly turns yellow, then the next click (or button press) works once then stops.

    I've tried using key combos with no modifier and that behaves the same.

    Any help greatly appreciated. The mapping file is attached. It's pretty simple.
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    Hello elevenses,

    Thank you for your interest in OSCulator!

    I believe you must have used toggle buttons in TouchOSC. In order to trigger OSCulator events properly, you must use momentary buttons.

    You can have a look at the User's Manual, there are details about how events are triggered. Also, you can select a recevied message in the main window, and hit the Space key to display a Quick Look window. This will help you understand what's going on. Typically, most events require the signal to go up, then down.


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    Thanks for your reply. It turns out that I was using the correct button but was only sending data on key press, nothing on release. Now works fine. OSCulator activity box still briefly flashes yellow but everything works so I'll just ignore it.

    Thanks again!

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