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Thread: Using JSON array values as conditions in OSC mappings?

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    Using JSON array values as conditions in OSC mappings?

    I wish to make an OSC mapping, but only when certain conditions within the incoming message are satisfied. The incoming messages come from Figure53's Go Button app, which uses JSON-format strings, within which is the data I want to base the mapping decision on.

    A typical incoming message looks like this:
    /reply/hit/2/isRunning ,s "{"address":"\/hit\/2\/isRunning","status":"ok","data":false,"show_id":"D 61934F7-64E7-4F94-A31F-BD27B0CD6E8D"}"

    I want to map this to an outgoing message:
    but ONLY if the "data" value in the incoming message is TRUE.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Many thanks,

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    With grateful thanks to Mic Pool for some crucial advice, I have a solution to this. It's reliant on using QLab (Figure53's MacOS 'big brother' to Go Button) to do the conditional triggering. OSCulator is used to remap the JSON replies from Go Button and write them into one of QLab's own cues for analysis using a simple AppleScript.

    If you want to see the details (and a working example from Mic) there is a thread on the QLab Google Group here.


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