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    Velocity Newbie

    Hi there master minds,

    Totally newbie/rookie warning...

    I have made a setup with TouchOSC+Osculator+Keyboard Maestro+Finale (Music Scoring program) and everything works nice.
    I succed to use my iPad to trig midi notes adressed (push buttons) in keyboard maestro. My problem is that the midi notes plays the midi notes to software synths.

    Is it possible to set the velocity to 0 or 1 to all osculator midi notes or do I need to do it on all messages in osculator?
    And how do I do that?

    Thanks in advance

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    I guess you are using the "MIDI Note" event to trigger MIDI notes.

    You can easily can the velocity of all MIDI notes played that way by using the "MIDI Note/Channel Velocity" event. Just add a toggle button to your TouchOSC layout, and assign its OSC message the "MIDI Note/Channel Velocity" event. When the button is unchecked, the velocity will be globally set to 0, and when checked the velocity will be set to 1.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanks Camille

    The sounds stopped but so do the midisignal to keyboard maestro too.

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