Hello, I'm trying to trigger recording in OSB Open Broadcaster Software https://obsproject.com/
In OBS I have activated a hotkey to trigger recording (^R). This works normally using the keyboard.

In Osculator (3.3.0) running on OSX High Sierra (10.13.6) I'm listening to an OSC message (/record) that sends f 1.0 and f 0.0.
This triggers the Key Combo ^R to the OBS app specifically.
While editing the keycombo the keys message is sent to the OBS and it triggeres recording correctly.
It does not work with the incoming OSC message or clicking the virtual LED button in the osculator interface.

I have also tried setting the target to the foremost application without success.

I have tested the Key Combo feature with other softwares such as decreasing volume in iTunes and it work correctly.

Do you have any advice on what could be wrong?
Thank you.