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Thread: Little Blue LEDS

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    Awesome product, loving your work. Are the any plans to allow control of the little blue LEDs at the bottom of the Wiimote? (I'm using OSCulator and the Wiimote in a DJ setup and it would be useful to know which deck I was controlling without looking at the screen)


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    Hey Watt,


    How would you like to use OSCulator to control the LEDs?

    Can you describe a simple use case?

    It may be fairly easy to do.

    Right now, you can still make presets, and synchronized leds with preset number. Then change the presets with OSC messages. What do you think?



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    Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, awesome, that does exactly what I want. Should have read the manual more thoroughly, sorry...

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    Hey Watt,

    No worries, this is what the forum for is made for!


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    Hello Camille, i am trying to activate the blue LEDs indepedently sending messages from MAX/MSP via OSC.

    The supplied max patches allow for sending a /vibrate command already. Would it be possible to implement a similar thing for led activation? like sending a value of 1 to /led $1 activated LED one, sending zero instead would turn it off.

    Eventually there could be a logics implemented (in max/msp to try it out maybe, i would do that for you) to have LEDs display the on/off status of more than 4 presets (of whatever status display this could become).

    Thank you for any helpful answer in advance! I also would like to express my respect for your development work!

    jrp / berlin

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    hey jayrope,

    thanks for your kind message!

    let me think about an easy way to do this, and I'll get back to you with a solution.

    maybe not for the next release, but the one after.


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    Hello Camille, thank you for the fast answer!

    I am working on a live sounddesign/looping application directed by the Wii remote and made in Max/MSP. The work got already comissioned for 3 performances at an Austrian festival in late April 2009. Wii remotes will be handed out to the audience to liveremix a music/multimedia act while we perform, partly with Wii remotes ourselves.

    The idea about controlling Wii remote LEDs came up, because of the necessity to direct the sounddesign application without having to look at computer screens at all.

    I could make up a logical way to display certain info with LEDs in almost no time, as soon as there'd be a way to control the LEDs individually from MAX via OSC (or any way else you could think of, of course).

    I don't want to overstress your kind offer to take care of my needs, but sure: any help is very appreciated.

    Thank you very much!


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    led 0 = no led

    led 1 = 1st led

    led 2 = 2nd led

    led 4 = 3rd led

    led 8 = 4th led

    led 15 = all leds

    led 5 would activate led 1&3, led 10 would activate led 2&4.

    you get the idea.

    just a suggestion,


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    yes, that's funny because I took off the trunk what I already wrote to do such things, and I saw that the led addressing I chose was just like yours:

    0000 = 0

    0001 = 1

    0010 = 2

    0100 = 4

    1000 = 8

    1111 = 15

    that is simple binary counting :-)

    the only thing is that I don't like the idea that this event will be the only one that doesn't follow the convention that all input messages in OSCulator should be given between 0 and 1 (float).

    if you send me an email, I'll send you a beta version so you can tell me if it works correctly for you.

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    Thank you very much, Camille! Sent you an email.


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