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Thread: Guitar Hero Drums as MIDI instrument

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    Hey Camille,

    I already bought Osculator but I'd buy you a Wii drum set if you want to help get this working. Guitar hero Wii drums cost $40 on ebay. If you got it working I think it would rival $1000 electric drum sets! If you're interested send me your mailing address, or paypal if you want me to just send you the money for it. My email is my username @ yahoo.



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    Hi Jordan,

    I really appreciate your offer, thank you!

    Actually I have a pretty good idea of what is going wrong, and I plan to fix this problem as soon as I'm back home on tuesday. Again, thanks for the offer, I'm pretty sure we'll do without the real drum, but if it's not possible I'll just go and buy a real set at the llocal store.



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    Hey Jordan,

    Could you please try something:

    When the Wii Drums are plugged in, please uncheck every setting in the Wiimote drawer: Pitch/Roll/Yaw, X/Y/Z, IR or IR Raw. None must be checked.

    Are the drums still working?

    If yes, do they still suffer from the jitter?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    Hello Jordan, Hi neo_gn6,

    Update: please don't try what I suggested before :-)

    I'm trying to figure out if the problem lies on the MIDI side of the WIi Drums side.

    I have a question to neo_gn6:

    When I open a quick look window in Osculator on a drum pad, it registers notes with perfect timing, but fails do register another one if too close. It actually just ends up signaling a single longer note during the drum roll.

    Does it stop registering on a single pad, or on all the other pads as well?

    When does the normal behaviour resumes itself?

    Thanks for the details, guys.


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    Hey Camille,

    It happens just on a single pad. If I watch the event view in logic, I see note on-offs up to a certain tempo, then when I'm doing like 16ths no events occur, and then as I slow down again to eighths or quarters note on and offs appear again.



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    Thanks Jordan, I think this is a very good tip.

    For you information, I initially thought the internal event messaging was flooded by the amount of informations the Wiimote is sending. I wrote a simple test program that sends simultaneous events at a regular interval and also a torrent of "garbage" events. The good news is that OSCulator processes and fire the events quite precisely, even under a heavy load.

    This means the problem lies in the Wiimote driver. So I checked the documentation for the Wii Drums and found there was a possibility that, if a pad was hit two times very quickly, the note would not be set to off before the next one.

    I will check the driver and see what fix can be made.

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    Hey Camille,

    I found this youtube video of a guy talking about a double tap problem with the guitar hero drum set. With the updated version of your program this is the same problem I'm having now. I can't quite understand him, he's either saying that instead of note on and note offs, the set just sends two note ons, or that it sends a note on for one pad but also for all the other pads. I'm not sure, but the behavior I'm having with your program now is exactly the same as in the video. He wrote a MIDI filter program to filter the double hits out:

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    Hi Jordan,

    This video gives us an important clue on why we are having a problem.

    It seems the Wii Drums are not designed to work as a note-on/note-off controller, just like a regular MIDI drum kit.

    In my previous post, in the paragraph before the last one, I said that I was feeling that there was a possibility that a note-on and note-off events could be "garbaged", and it seems this video is confirming that Guitar Hero designer chose to send ONLY note-ON messages, which is a bit annoying since a MIDI note is made of ON and OFF messages.

    I am still believing there is a way to make the Wii Drums work as expected, but I still need to find a kit on which to try. I will eventually buy one new next week, since there are none on ebay, at least for delivery in Europe.



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    Hi Jordan,

    Just a quick message to let you know that I have bought a Wii Drum Kit (and the Guitar as well). I'll work on fixing the drums this week.


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    just throwing it out there since the drums are not designed to send off commands, and since the notes arent sustained it might be possible to just tell osculator to auto send an off command after x seconds, letting the wiimote just send on for each pad. just a quick thought.

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