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Thread: Guitar Hero Drums as MIDI instrument

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    Hi Horacio,

    This link points to an old version of the forum.
    I think you could adjust sensitivity, but you have to know that even with more sensitive input, you won't be able to play fast all the time. The Band Hero drums were designed to play games, not do actual drumming.

    The most effective way to adjust sensitivity is to select the message corresponding to the pad you want to adjust, press the Space bar to open a Quick Look window (see the signal), and show the Scalings Page (choose View->Flip to Scalings Page or Command-F). Then, to incresease sensitivity, set a lower value to the Input Max parameter. For example start with 0.6 (instead of 1.0), then try playing with the pad and see if that's better. Repeat for other pads.


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    GH drums wireless in Logic it's now working!! Thanks.

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