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Thread: Guitar Hero Drums as MIDI instrument

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    Hi, im a newbie to Osculator and use a Macintosh. I'm trying to find a way to use Wii Guitar Hero drums as a midi drum kit. So far all i've been able to do is map midi drum notes to the buttons on the wii remote and nunchuk, but when the drum kit is connected to the wiimote, none of the hits get registered, so i cannot map drum notes to any of the pads. Looking at forums i've been directed to Osculator and Junxion, but hit the same problem with both programs. Has anyone any knowledge of a solution to this using Osculator, to enable me to use the drum kit as a MIDI instrument.

    many thanks

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    Unfortunately, there is not enough information available for me to know how to make the drum kit work with OSCulator. While the Wiimote is a supported device, the drum kit is another piece of hardware making it incompatible with OSCulator for the moment being …



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    Hi, seems like the new version 2.8.3 has brought "almost" what i need to get the Wii guitar hero drum controller working as a midi instrument into Garage Band or Logic Express. This was fantastic news, but am trying to clear up, what seems to me a configuration issue, if there is any way of helping me out here, that would be fantastic and there would be a definite donation on the way for this great software. The drum controller is seen and all the drum pads can be mapped to sounds from the midi drum pool, but am having trouble setting the velocity parameters, so that a light hit will have a low volume response and a heavy hit a louder response. If i set the event type of the wii/2/drums/pad/R/trig message to MIDI Note and select 38 D1, i get a snare sound from the red pad. However there is no sensitivity so unless the pad is hit at a constant velocity some notes do not register. If however, i set the event type for the red pad message to MIDI Note w/Params and the value to wii/2/drums/pad/R/velo and set the wii/2/drums/pad/R/velo message to Note Params and the value to velocity, i get all the sensitivity range, but the only sound i can hear is like a rim shot tap and i can't seem to change it to a snare sound. The parameters upper and lower values don't make any difference to the sound that i hear and all pads produce the same "tap" sound apart from the bass pedal which produces a tom sound, oddly enough. Do you know what would be the correct settings so that each drum pad/pedal makes the appropriate sound with velocity sensitivity, the hi-hat cymbal ideally would need to be able to have light hits produce a closed hi-hat sound and heavy hits produce an open hi-hat sound, and the last cymbal be able to produce a ride sound with light hits and a crash sound with heavy hits. I was looking at another post where they were saying that the upper and lower pitch values in the parameters field apply to all notes, will i have to adopt the same kind of solution with duplicated notes to enable each pad to have a different MIDI note value. Many thanks for you help with this.



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    Hey Simon,

    The solution is to use the event "MIDI Note -> Channel Velocity".

    In every velo fields you put a channel velocity event.

    In every trig you put a MIDI Note and choose the note you want to trigger.

    That should work as intended!

    Best Regards,


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    Camille thanks for the awesome program! I bought it last night, it does work with the guitar hero drums. Unfortunately, they're not that responsive. If I play too fast, they just stop registering, and if I play more than one drum at once the velocity sensitivity gets off. I demonstrate using them here:

    Do you guys think this is a hardware constraint? The rock band drums, which are USB, do not have this problem (but are not velocity sensitive either).

    Thanks though, this is an amazing program!

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    Hi Jordan,

    This is great to see a demo of the drums! Even since I've written the drum code, I've never had the chance to see it running!

    I think the triggers should be precise in the range of 0.01s, so what you're experiencing is not normal. Also, it's should not be unregistering if you play a lot of notes. Actually, the way it works, you could play tons of notes, and it wouldn't change anything. What I mean is that a note doesn't put an additional "load" on the controller which would make it unregister.

    I've worked on a precise timing of the inside of OSCulator, but it was a long time ago, maybe I could check to see if it's not possible to make it better. That's one part of the issue. For the "unregistration", I would take a look at the Wiimote. Could you please send me its Bluetooth address? If it has been bought recently, chances are it is not totally compatible with OSCUlator, and that I have to make an adjustment.

    In any case, it's true that you will have much more timing precision with the USB version. Over Bluetooth, the Wiimote sends 10 time less informations than a USB device would …

    Thanks for the video!!!



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    Thanks for your quick response Camille! I may try the Xbox guitar hero world tour drums then, since you say they're so much more precise.

    My wiimote is old, the bluetooth address is 00-19-1d-66-79-72.

    I have another one, 00-19-1d-61-7b-91.


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    In any case, it's true that you will have much more timing precision with the USB version. Over Bluetooth, the Wiimote sends 10 time less informations than a USB device would …
    When using the drum set with Guitar Hero: World Tour I don't recall there are any problems with rapid drumming. So it doesn't seem like Bluetooth is the bottleneck.

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    Hey guys

    It cannot be a bluetooth limitation since the drums works perfectly with the wii; it registers every single notes/rolls. When I open a quick look window in Osculator on a drum pad, it registers notes with perfect timing, but fails do register another one if too close. It actually just ends up signaling a single longer note during the drum roll. Maybe if the default sustained release of a note could be shorten would solve the problem? Otherwise than that, the integration is close to being perfect! Keep up the good work.

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    Hey neo,

    you are right i think the integration is rather good and there is this timing problem that I will work on when I'm back from holidays.

    Thanks for describing the issue a bit better!


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