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    I started playing with my new wiimote yesterday and everything looks very promising, but I have a question. For a theatre performance with video projections I would like the actor to be able to influence the images in a lot of different ways. A possible solution would be to be able to assign different midi parameters to IR, roll, pitch etc. in combination with button A, B, 1, 2 etc. Is this possible?


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    Hi Jurjen,

    What you would like to do it to use the Presets.
    First create a document add assign controllers for the first preset you will be using (the document come with a preset named Default). Then pop down the Presets menu in the toolbar, and create a new preset.

    The document will look the same, but will have a new set of messages you can assign to another controllers. Change this new preset to other values.

    To change from one preset to another, assign the Next Preset or Previous Preset events to the buttons of your Wiimote you would like to use for preset changing. When you press a button, the preset will be changed and you will be able to use a completely new set of parameters.

    The next version which will be released tomorrow will allow you to choose a specific preset, instead of just the 'next' and the 'previous' ones.

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