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Thread: Wacom Bamboo not recognized

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    Hi Cam,

    i' tryng to work with my wacom bamboo but Osculator seems dont' recognize it

    i'm on an imac and macosx 10.5.6 and the last version of Osculator.

    possibly i'm missing somethig..can you point me in the rigth direction ?

    thanks in advance


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    Hey Diego,

    For some reason I have not found yet, there are some Bamboo tablets that are not properly recognized. I asked the Wacom team for some help about this and see if there is something I can do with the current driver.

    In the meantime, could you please tell me the version of the Wacom driver you installed, and the serial number of the tablet, that would be very useful.



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    I purchage your excelent software.

    My wacom bamboo are same problem, only reconize aproximity, no touch or x,y..

    and mouse is always on..

    my wacom Bamboo:

    model: MTE-450

    sn: 8CP017827

    OSX 10.5.6 intel

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    Thanks for the details!

    I will review the Wacom issue and give you a feedback.

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    Hey Diego,

    Mario just told me he installed the latest driver from Wacom (5.10-3) and it is now working.



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