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Thread: Control 5 mac mini's running Resolume?

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    Hi all,

    Just found out about OSCulator. Wanted to know if this might work for my setup. I have 5 mac mini's which i'm using to drive 5 video projectors. I'm planning on running resolume Avenue on each machine then have them all controlled by TouchOSC on the iphone. I need to ensure that the screens are frame-accurate and trigger events at exactly the same time.

    Is this possible using OSC? Do I need to have OSC running on each machine? Is there any basic guide on how I might do this.

    Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


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    Hey Andy,

    This is definitely possible, but I can't guarantee frame-accurate trigger you will have to do some tests to make sure it is ok (should be ok). In any case, you don't need to run OSCulator on many computers, only one will suffice.

    You can either choose to control Avenue with MIDI messages or OSC.

    In my opinion, MIDI will be better and more suited to your problem.

    There is a very underestimated feature of Mac OS X which is the Networked MIDI driver. You can control it in the Audio MIDI Setup application.

    • First, configure OSCulator so it controls one instance of Avenue with MIDI messages.
    • On the master computer (running OSCulator), go in the Audio MIDI Setup application and click on the MIDI Devices tab.

      There is a Network interface, double click on it.
    • Select "Session 1", and click the Enabled checkbox.
    • On the other computers, open Audio MIDI Setup as well, and enable "Session 1", change "Who may connect to me" to Anyone.
    • Back to the master computer, connect to each slave computer. This will add them to the list of participants.
    • Last step in Audio MIDI Setup: In the "Live Routings" section (lower right), select "OSCulator Out" in the first drop down menu. This will send "OSCulator Out" events to all the participants in the network.
    • On each computer (master and slave), change Avenue settings and tell it to use the "Network Session 1" virtual MIDI interface, instead of OSCulator.

    On my system (WiFi), the latency is about 3 ms, which is ten times less than a frame duration at 30fps.

    As I said earlier, you can also use OSC messages, but it will require more configuration in OSCulator, and will be less flexible. The MIDI Network driver also has a good latency support with jitter correction, which OSCulator only partially has.

    I hope it will work for you, don't hesitate to come back to me for more questions.



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