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Thread: osculator + touchosc + module8 + midi over wi-fi

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    on start thx for nice product it works great with module8 + touch osc but i have some questions.

    is it posible to control by 1 iphone with touchosc 2 macbooks with module 8 ? i want it to look something like this

    iphone with touch osc control macbookpro with module8 and send midi signal over wi-fi to my macbook with module 8

    tryed to connect my macbooks by build in midi over lan/wi-fi in leopard it looks like laptops are connected with each other but when i use touchosc only macbookpro respond cant map midi signal on my macbook think im making something wrong when i want to connect 2 lapys or its just not posible if it is could you make some tutorial step by step for n00bs

    sory for my not the best english hope you understand what i want to do

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    is it posible to control by 1 iphone with touchosc 2 macbooks with module 8 ? i want it to look something like this

    Sure, there are two ways of doing this :

    1. forward the OSC messages by running several copies of OSCulator
    2. use the Network MIDI Driver, part of Mac OS X

    I really recommend solution 2 since you only need MIDI to control Modul-8.

    If you needed something more powerful like HID, key combos or even OSC, you can use that solution :

    1. make sure MacBook 1 and MacBook 2 are part of the same local network
    2. connect your iPhone running TouchOSC to \'MacBook 1\' running OSCulator
    3. configure MacBook 1 so it controls Modul8 with MIDI
    4. Launch OSCulator on the \'MacBook 2\'
    5. On MacBook 1, duplicate each OSC arguments that have been configured with a MIDI CC event. To do this, select the argument (a line under the disclosure triangle), and use the command Edit->Duplicate.
    6. Route the duplicated arguments to MacBook 2. To do this, replace the duplicated MIDI CC event with an event of type \"OSC Routing\", and in the value column choose \'MacBook 2\', which should automatically be in the list since you launched OSCulator in step 4.



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