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Thread: Communication between I- phone and Live

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    I am using my i-phone with the mix 16 template.

    My computer is a mac running live.

    The fader in live are setup as midi cc.

    I see the fader move in live when i touch the i phone, but I don't see the fader

    move on the i-phone when I move the fader in live.

    Any ideas????

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    Hey Jason,

    Did you follow this tutorial?

    What version of each software do you use, are you sure these are the latest versions?



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    Went through the tutorial. Everything is set up the same way.

    It still is not moving the fader on the phone.

    I have Osculator 2.8.1

    mac version 10.5.6

    Ableton Live 7.0.10

    It was working when I was using the demo.

    Any thoughts??

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    Alright, maybe what happens is that the OSC connection back to the iPhone is corrupted. I would suggest that you delete the messages starting with "/midi/cc" from the list.

    When you will change a fader or knob in Live it will register the MIDI message in OSCulator again and it should restore the connection properly.

    If it is still not working that way, please send me your OSCulator document to camille at osculator dot net. Thanks!

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    Ok , it's working. thanks Camille you Rock.

    Next question for you.

    I'm setting up 5 i-phones to control our in-ear monitor mix.

    Each phone is on is it's own midi channel.

    I'm only using one phone to test this.

    I know with each phone I can have a different outgoing port number, but can each phone have a different incoming port number?

    I know it sounds like a stupid question. So when i move a fader in live it's going to move the fader on each phone.

    Any thought

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    We had all 5 i phones working this past week, as far as controlling live. Now i'm trying to have the computer communicate back to the phones, so whenever we open our session for shows all the phones default back to everyones own monitor mix.

    I have a feeling I have to do something with the parameters

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    Hi Jason,

    Controlling Live with several iPhones should not be a problem, however I have not tested it yet in great details.

    • Connect each iPhone, and bind the MIDI events using a different MIDI Channel for each phone (this is how OSCulator will make the difference between each TouchOSC instance).
    • Now, in Live bind the received MIDI events, and move a fader or button to send the event back to OSCulator.
    • OSCulator will route the events back to the respective TouchOSC. You should be able to see it is working by looking at the labels in the Value column.

    If that doesn't work correctly, please let me know, I'll try to reproduce that at home (need to find another iPhone).



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    Hey Camille,

    We used osculator to control our monitor mix's this past friday. All the guys loved it. We had sound check done in like 8 mins.

    But i'm still running into the issue of the i-phone only being able to control the faders in live. When I move the faders in live i only get a response on one of the phones. I spent the past few days trying to figure it out.

    I broke it down really simple. I ran ableton live with two sessions open in osculator. One was set to input 8001, the other to 8002.

    I only used one fader on each phone. ( /2/FADER1 ) one phone had the fader set to midicc 01 channel 1, the other phone had the same fader set to midicc 01 channel 2. I then set each fader on a phone to a different fader in live. ( Fader one in live is in sync to fader 1 on the I phone set to input 8001 , and fader 2 is set to the fader on the other i phone on input 8002. )

    I tried switching the incoming port on the i phone one to 9001 and the other i phone to 9002.

    This is what my session looks like in each osclator window

    Session 8001

    Message Event Type value Channel[b]

    /2/Fader1 midi cc 01 02

    /midicc1/1 - - -

    /midicc/cc1/2 osc Routing default: iphone(touchosc) ->/2/fador 1

    Session 8002

    Message Event Type value Channel[b]

    /2/Fader1 midi cc 01 01

    /midicc1/2 - - -

    /midicc/cc1/1 osc Routing default: iphone(touchosc) ->/2/fador 1

    Any thoughts

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    Ah, that report is very useful thank you.

    From what I can see, it looks like the routing back is made to the same phone.

    I have opened a support ticket and will fix that for the next release.



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    Hello Jason,

    I have looked at the code to see if there is something I can do regarding this issue.

    There is a super simple solution to your problem, and I am a bit surprised I have thought about this earlier :

    1. go in the Parameters Window
    2. click on the OSC tab
    3. change the "Default Host" to the phone you want to control

    By default OSCulator, picks the first default host in the list, but you can change that easily.

    Since you are using several windows (it makes sense it your case), you can assign a different default host for each phone.

    I would suggest that you lock the document in OSCulator to prevent any changes.

    You can alos display the Finder info window for the document and lock it, to make sure it is a template that won't be inadvertently modified. All you will have to do then is double click on the document, change the input port, and change the default host …



    just change the input port and default host

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