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Thread: Wii Midi Note velocity?

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    First of all, thanks for designing this program! It's been really useful for a project I'm doing with people who don't play instruments. We've been using Wiimotes to trigger sounds and loops from Logic very successfully.

    One question; is there any way to adjust the default velocity of buttons as single notes from 127? When triggering some of Logic's Software Instruments the high velocity level triggers slides and things when I just want to play a clean note (available by playing at of a velocity of around 100).

    Thanks again


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    Hi Chris,

    Yes, there is a simple way of doing this but I found the results were more less good.

    In the "MIDI Note" event type, there is a "Global Velocity" value.

    For example if you attach this event to the Wiimote's roll, you will be able to control velocity with the Wiimote's orientation.

    If you attach this event to the Wiimote's accel, and trigger a note with a button, the note with have a higher velocity if you shake the Wiimote harder.

    The case when it works not very well is when you trigger the note with the 'accel‘ argument, and use the global velocity with 'accel' as well.

    Please note that the global velocity solution, means that all the "MIDI Note" event will use the same velocity, which is ok in 90% of the cases. If you want something more elaborate, you will need to use the "MIDI Note /w Params" event.



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    Brilliant! Thanks Cam. Simple is best for now but I'll explore the elaborate version too.

    Thanks again,


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