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    I actually used Live 8 and OSCulator with my IPhone. My question is: how can I assign X = cc0 and Y = cc1 with the pad to a filter for exemple ? because in the mode cmd-m, frequency and resonance takes always the same command: cc1.


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    Hey Dr Nob,

    The trick is to "solo out" only one parameter at a time.

    There are checkboxes on the left that you can use to fire the events or not.

    Simply check one at a time. Start with X, learn the parameter in Live, then uncheck X, check Y, and do the same in Live.

    There is a handy command for that in the Routings menu, called "Solo".

    Press solo on the line corresponding to the event you want to solo.



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    Many thanks Camille, it'working now. I've another question for you big maaaaaaster ! How conected the IPhone to the macbook directly whithout an internet connection ?? I can't find the path anywhere.


    ps if you speak french… I take ;-)

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    Hey Dr Nob,

    We could indeed speak French but it would not be very kind for other readers of this forum. If you want to contact me in French, please do at camille [à] osculator [point] net :-)

    If you want to connect your iPhone to your MacBook, just set-up a ad-hoc WiFI network on your computer. For this, click on the Airport icon (the small radar in the menu), and choose "Create Network …" (ou bien "Créer un réseau …"). That's it! All you have to do now is connect you iPhone to that network, and set up TouchOSC the usual way. OSCulator should be recognized automatically over this new network.



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