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Thread: Any word on support for Wacom Airbrush wheel?

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    ...or any of the other controls available on the other Intuos3 accessory pens/devices, such as the art pen (barrel rotation), or mouse (wheel)? Just curious if it is a lost cause, or if it is still possibly in the pipeline for a future release. I've been dying to get more use out of my airbrush's finger wheel.



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    Hey Scott,

    I have tried some code to receive wheel events unfortunately it only works when the mouse is moving (that is, when the Wacom driver is not bound to OSCulator). I will discuss with the Wacom guys to see if it is possible to do that. Sorry, for not coming back to you earlier !



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    No worries, Cam. I was just curious; I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for good news from the Wacom people!!

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