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Thread: Wii MotionPlus

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    Alright, just received the Motion Plus.

    First thing maybe would be to improve Pitch Roll Yaw.

    Next step will be absolute positionning and redesign of the Wiimote Drawer.

    Suggestions welcomed !

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    For me, the most exciting thing about the Motion Plus is the ability to do absolute positioning. I'm imagining a Quartz Composer app where the Wiimote controls the X-Y position and rotation of a 3D model. I'm new to OSCulator so I don't really know if this is realistic, but that's my dream.

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    Hi Camille,

    By "absolute position" do you mean something like getting the exact orientation of the wiimote even if it is steady?

    We will still need the IR Bar to get a real absolute position, right?


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    He he, that is what the Motion Plus should bring.

    This device contains a kind of miniature gyroscope which gives three more variables (rotations accelerations actually). Combined with the translation accelerations given by the Wiimote, you can then calculate speed and absolution position without the IR bar. The only constraint is to choose the right initial values, which can be done by a mean of a calibration process.

    This is in theory, I hope the practice will follow … :-)

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    to cschx: yes this is the final goal, and a Quartz Composer example is a nice idea. I'm looking forward to rotating the famous OpenGL teapot!

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    Thanks Camille,

    This looks promising

    We could at last create some scenerarios according to the relative position of 2 wiimote, like "if wiimote 1 is facing wiimote 2 then trigger event N°..."

    The IR camera viewing angle is so narrow that it is almost useless to me.

    So if you ask for new features, a 3 D representation of all the hoocked wiimote would be very usefull.


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    @ Olivier - I was able to bypass the narrow view angle of the IR cameras by inverting the usual arrangement (I had 2 wiimotes act as stationary cameras, and calculated depth of the IR dot in each one's image using the parallax between the cameras to get stereoscopy)

    Then I had a third (actually, a third, fourth, and fifth) wiimote, each with an IR beacon, act as the handheld controllers for my environment.

    The Motion Plus is exciting because with a few external cues, we should be able to get absolute position very easily. In response to Camille's feature request, it would be great if the absolute positioning calculations were open to modification and/or could accept coordinates of stationary IR beacons - like the Sensor Bar but all around the user, perhaps vertices of a cube that defines the play area?

    I am inclined to mistrust any absolute positioning system without external references, as I know from awful experience that the ADXL330s are not accurate enough to resist integration drift for more than a few minutes at the best (even with a 14-bit ADC onboard).

    Thanks again to you, Camille, for your great work here. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    - AKA

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    Thanks aka for your tip

    I agree with you, I don't trust an "absolute positioning" system until it use a reference point or anything that could re-calibrate often enough.


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    Hey AKA and Olivier,

    Nice discussion here!

    I can't promise absolute positioning in a near future. As you say, it requires some good testing, and before anything else, a nice user interface. I will first test the MotionPlus extension with existing features: I think there is already the opportunity to greatly improve the attitude angles (pitch, roll, yaw).



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    Hello Camille,

    I am not gamer, not at all, but maybe we could have a look at the new games on the market to see what wiimotion already permits.


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