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Thread: Wii MotionPlus

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    Any thoughts/plans from the developer on whether OSCulator will support the MotionPlus expansion device for the Wii Remote? I haven't got one yet, so I haven't tried it - should it just work out of the box? Could lead to some very interesting apps.

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    I am really interested in this device, I will get one as soon as possible.

    However, I can not offer any guarantee for support right now, but I will surely try something.



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    I just looked, and Play Asia will ave them on June 25th (Japanese version) and June 19th (US version), and if you aren't planning on using it with the console, either version should be fine (I think, though I may be wrong about that). FYI, I'm using a Korean market Wiimote and Nunchuk just fine with OSCulator. I just don't know if you can mix and match accessories (i.e. pairing a US Wiimote and a Japan Nunchuk). Anyhow, its EU release is scheduled later than other regions according to rumors on the Interweb.

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    I just bought a Motion Plus :-)

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    WOOT! Having fun with it on the Wii? How's it look for OSCulator purposes?

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    I'll tell you when I've received it.

    From what I understand it gives you the instantaneous velocity.

    Used with the acceleration we already know, you can calculate the position of the Wiimote.

    I guess I'll have to give the Wiimote drawer a lift since it brings a bunch of new options :-)

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    Hi, I recently purchased OSCulator and wanted to congratulate you on your fine work - it's a joy to work with. Now that I don't have to waste time gluing different inputs and outputs together, I'm getting a lot more ideas prototyped in a lot less time.

    I would like to second the requests out there for WiiMotion Plus support - that would be amazing!



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    Hi Camille,

    Any progress with the the Motion Plus device?

    Please keep us informed.

    This could be a real breakthru in our use of the Wii as a musical controller.

    thanks a lot


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    Hey Olivier and AKA,

    I just ordered a Motion Plus extension this week.

    I am planning to support it in the future, and will give some feedback as soon as I have made some progress on the coding.



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    thanks Camille,

    I thought you already have it ;-)

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