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Thread: 6 wii remotes?

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    hi there. great software.

    but i've run into a snag. i need to use six remotes as input, but adding the sixth via the bluetooth wizard is problematic- it tells me that the device has no services that can be added, and its entry in the osculator list is grayed out. is there any way around this?

    as a stopgap solution, i've employed a second computer as a router. but this is less than preferable. there are eight slots in the osculator presets; am i limited to 5 wii remotes?

    many thanks

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    Yes, unfortunately it is only 4 to 6 Wiimote are supported on a single computer. This is a bluetooth bandwidth limitation. The reason why there are 8 slots is to be able to have a least 2 slot free when you are changing the Wiimote's IDs.

    As you found out, the best solution is to use several computers.



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    got it. ok, we'll divide the input between two machines. thanks again.


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