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    Hi there, new OSCulator user here.

    I'm using a Wiiguitar (from guitar hero) to trigger scenes, clips and fx in ableton. Unfortunately, the guitar only has 5 buttons. Is there a way to use a button on the wiimote (within the guitar) to act as a shift button?

    e.g. without that shift button, the 5 buttons on the guitar are c, d, e, f and g, with the button pressed they are an octave higher or so?

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    I would suggest you use the buttons of your wiimote to change the current preset. Setup each preset with a new set of notes and you're done. For more information on presets, please take a look at the online manual :


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    Yeah I sort of had the same idea too but I thought there might be a different way as well...

    I'll try that and see if that gives me enough control.

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    Ok, bidding on some midi floorboards to add some more control to my set. Since my original question, I have done some more research and thus, two new questions have arisen:

    1. can I use a midi floorboard to change presets in osculator?

    2. can I use a key combination to send a midi not e.g. only send the note if wiimote is moved and a button is held at the same time?

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    Answer 1: yes, OSCulator responds to MIDI program changes. Use a software like MIDI Pipe to route MIDI from your hardware interface to OSCulator's virtual input.

    Answer 2: yes, you need to assign the note to an accelerometer axis, and control it's enable status from an event set on the button.

    In details :

    - put a MIDI note on the accelerometer axis of interest

    - optionally go in the scalings view to adjust sensitivity of this axis (use the quick look graph as a helper)

    - put a Toggled Enable event on the button that had to be pressed so the note can be triggered. In the Value column choose the message that corresponds to the accelerometer axis you previously choose.



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    Thanks a lot!!

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