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Thread: TouchOSC + Osculator w/ Created Network on Mac

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    thanks for your reply.

    -i see the information and when select it,

    it´s fill the network configuration with the information about the running oscltr

    -the Airport icon is shown when i launch TouchOSC.

    any changes on snow leopard with OSCulator?



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    Hi Jack,

    Now that the network info is correctly filled, do you receive anything in OSCulator?

    It should work now.

    Regarding Snow Leopard, I have made some tests, and it looks like it is working well!



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    Hi Cam,

    no. OSCulator receive nothing.

    the network info are automatic filled since 16 days.



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    Hi Jack,

    I'm sorry but I'm running out of ideas! This is a very simple process that should work all the time.

    As I told you, when the iPhone has the firmware 3.0 with a self assigned IP address (starting with 169.254.XXX.YYY), it doesn't work, or very badly …

    Please try again with manual settings, this message in this thread describes how to do it.



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