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Thread: Snow Leopard / Ableton / iphone 3.1 Help!

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    Hi please can you help. I have Macbook Pro (intel) runing Snow Leopard and a Iphone 3gs firware 3.1. I am following the tutorials and I think I am setting things up in the correct manner. I set the network on my Iphone as shown in the tutorial and I also get the Iphone to communicate with OSCulator, then I open live and set in the pref the Osculator ins / out (midi) however, Ableton does not receive any midi whatsoever???? Any help would be greatly appreciated, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY

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    Are you getting any MIDI in signal in Live at all? The small green flashing square at the top right of the window is your signal that information is getting into Live.

    Ableton isn't yet confirmed as being compatible with Snow Leopard - particularly when using 3rd party software (as of Live 8.0.5), so if you've followed all the steps, perhaps that's where your problem lies.

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    Hi Thanks for your responce, I am running Ableton 7.0.10 and no midi is getting to live (no signal at all / green light, right of window) Everything else seems to be correct, i can get the Iphone to talk with OSCulator, its only when im in live? I have tried on others e.g. itm midilab and i can get that to work in live using the IPhone as a controller easily?

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    Hi Tonikiss,

    Have you configured OSCulator to send MIDI events?

    You need to use MIDI CC or MIDI Note to actually send events to programs that listen to the virtual MIDI port.

    Alternatively, you can also use a preconfigured template, that is located in the "Sample Patches" folder.



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    Hi Camille, thanks for the reply. Figured it out now and its working!!! Great software!! Im kinda new to the whole programming midi messages etc. I have been looking at the OSC editor and would like to create my own templates specific to my set up, I can set up the templates easily enough in the OSC editor, but get kinda stuck when it comes to setting up the midi messages within OSCulator so the touch sends messages and responds the way i want within Live. Are there any tutorials on this or even templates that users have created other than the ones supplied? Thanks again.

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    I’m having trouble here too…

    Usinc touchOSC on an iphone 3g 3.1.2 .The signal is showing up in OSCulator so i know the pod is communicating with OSCulator.

    The in/out for OSCulator shows up in my midi prefs in Ableton, and I checked track, and Remote for both in and out…

    But i don’t get a signal in Ableton.. No activity with the midi indicator light…

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    Hi Daftsue !

    Please read my previous answer in this post, this can be of some help for you.

    I'm adding a question: have you used the learn mode in Live?



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    I have the same setup... and the same problem as well. Ableton shows input from Osculator on the top bar, but the learn mode doesn't get anything ?

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    Have you configured the MIDI inputs and outputs in Live's preferences ?

    This is explained in the tutorial.

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