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Thread: Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Drum Support?

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    Hi Camille,

    I was wondering if you have any plans to support other versions of the Guitar Hero drums. I've got the 360 version, and sort-of-almost have them working with the 360 Controller Driver and JunXion, but it sounds like OSCulator has much more reliable support.

    Or is there a way to do this already that I haven't found yet?

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    Hey Johnny,

    Unfortunately the Xbox controller works with HID and this is not supported in OSCulator for the moment being.


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    Oh no! … is this applying to the Band Hero drum set for xbox 360 (, too?

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    Hey ohrobot,

    Yes, this is a USB device, so it's not working right now.


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    Just to be sure, is it still not possible to use the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero drums with OSCulator?

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    i was hoping to get the dj hero controller working with traktor, but i have the xbox version.. is this also in the same boat as the guitar hero drums or possible?

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    Hey Calldom,

    This won't work, my driver works for Wiimote based devices



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