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Thread: OSCulator 2.9 release candidate 1

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    Hey everybody,

    I have posted an article on the blog about the new version released today.

    No automatic software yet, you have to grab a copy by yourself.



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    FYI, I have collected a list of known bugs for the first release candidate:

    - crash when opening the Keycode Helper (Command-K) on Snow Leopard and a 64 bits ready computer

    - on rare occasions: crash if data is sent to osculator while quitting

    - on rare occasions: a weird infinite loop could happen.

    if there is something you would like to see adjusted/fixed for RC2, please let me know.

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    Hi Camille,

    the motion plus support is great. many thanks. how about a button (and/or OSC input) to force a re-calibration?

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    Hi David,


    Actually you have it already:

    There is a Motion Plus Reset event that allows you to zero the output.

    To use it, press a button and assign this event to the message you just created.

    Alternatively, if you want to use that event from an OSC message, all you have to do it send that message to osculator, and again, assign the Motion Plus Reset event to that message.

    All of this will be documented just after the final 2.9 release.




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