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Thread: Playstation 3 Bluetooth remote

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    Hi Camille,

    Just found out about OSCulator, what an awesome bit of software! I was a little disappointed that there's no support for PS3 controllers yet as I don't have any Wii hardware. If there's an update to get PS3 controllers going I'll definitely be buying a license so I can get using OSCulator!


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    Yeah the Navigation, Move and Dualshock3 are pretty neat controllers!
    BD Remote is not bad too if you like having many buttons.

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    What's the status with PS3 controller working with OSCulator?
    I have spare PS3 controller and it would be nice add-on to my current set.
    I just don't have time trial and error before next gig. After that i can dig in better if it needs some tweaking.

    I have some app that converts PS3 controller data to keystrokes that i tried to use with games with no luck.
    On mac as there is not much controllers for mac.


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    Please read this recent answer I gave on the PS3 controller:

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