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Thread: Only sending one message

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    So I'm running FingerPlay on my droid and connecting to OSCulator - no problems there. I receive messages for all the controls, etc. The problem is, when i assign a message a "Midi Note" and choose the actual note, it will only send one message to Garage band. I.E. I assign "A4" to a pad in FingerPlay, hit the pad and it plays A4 once. Every time I hit the pad after that, nothing. The indicator still flashes in OSCulator, but no sound. If I change the note, it works one time again. I'm running OSX 10.5.5 and GB 08.

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    Hello Seamus,

    Thanks for reporting back this problem to me.

    I don't have an Android for testing, so I will need a bit of help from you to solve this issue.

    The first thing I need to know is the version of OSCulator you are running. If this is not the latest version (2.9-rc3), please update the software by downloading this version on the website (since it is a release candidate, there is no automatic update path from 2.8.8).

    Now, I would need you to open the Console application found in the /Applications/Utilities folder. In OSCulator, select the message the is received from FingerPlay, and set the Event Type column to "Console Log", and in the Value column, choose Simple Log.

    On FingerPlay, hit a few times the button. What do you see in the Console log?

    My guess is that FingerPlay doesn't send correct OSC and that OSCulator only receives values above 0.5, which causes the note to be triggered but never released. When you change the note, you actually reset this trigger, thus allowing a note to be played again.



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    Well, I've tried running both versions, hoping that one or the other would work. No go. Here's what console log says:

    1/15/10 3:17:11 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 25

    1/15/10 3:17:11 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 25

    1/15/10 3:17:12 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 24

    1/15/10 3:17:12 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 24

    1/15/10 3:17:12 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 27

    1/15/10 3:17:12 AM OSCulator[3569] /fingerplay/control/32: 27

    It doesn't seem like it's a problem with the fingerplay/osculator connection because the indicators in osculator show everything being pressed just fine. It's particularly strange that it sends one message successfully. I just got this computer so as soon as I can install ableton on it, I'll let you know if it works better with that.

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    Ah, wait... I see what you're saying. Is there a way I can adjust that on the osculator side? I don't think fingerplay allows me to change the messages.

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    if you know the min and max of what FingerPlay is sending, you can put those values in the Input Min and Input Max columns of the Scalings Page. The Scalings Page is accessible from the View menu.

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    Well, nothing so far. I'm not quite clear on how to fix the problem though. Should I cap the signals? Any recommended values? I've tried playing with some various settings, but nothing seems to work.


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    It would be useful to know what is the extent of the values your control is sending. Then report those minimum and maximum values into the Input Min and Input Max fields.

    When you have done this, you should open a Quick Look window on the message of your control, and see what values are displayed. If the new extent ranges from 0 to 1, then you are good, knowing that a MIDI Note (and everything that can be triggered in OSCulator), needs the values to cross 0.5 from down to up for a Note to be triggered, and up to down for the Note to stop.

    Please let me know of your findings, hopefully we'll manage to get this work!

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    Hey. I had a similar issue here. Finger play was actually sending values between 0 and 127. Once I changed the scaling of the input for the XY controller to 0 to 127 everything worked absolutely perfectly. Unfortunate hiccup, but after about an hour of troubleshooting everything is good!

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    Update: I still can't seem to get this to work with the pad buttons. As he said it only plays one note.

    Upon touching it (with Input min at 0 and max at 1), you get values between 10 and 50 in the console. These are rough values. I'm not really sure how to scale this, and there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the values. Each press of the button will generate a different number. Obviously the best thing would be to have OSCulator be able to tell when the button is depressed and released, but it isn't consistent with that either.

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    The input min and max scaling is the right idea, tho.

    Note triggers happen when the values crosses from down to up the half of the input range.

    You need to know what Finger Play sends to OSCulator in order to use it, or it won't be useful.

    Is it a note number? If yes, then use "Edit->Demux" to separate the values from the argument and you will have triggers for each individual notes.

    Please be more descriptive.



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