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Thread: Recommended presets for Wiimote - Ableton Live connection

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    I'd like to set up a basic control scheme for Ableton Live 8 with the Wiimote (navigating the grid, set clips to record, start/stop/undo recording, etc.)

    I wonder if anyone likes to share or tell about his Osculator preset for such a connection. I am still at the beginning of using this so I am very curios about any best-practices.

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    here's what I started with:

    left/right/top/down cursor keys for clip selection

    B shift + space (start/stop transport at current position)

    A enter (start/stop clips)

    - remove selected clip

    home toggle session/clip view

    … one missing piece is to set the selected clip to record. therefore I need to click the "Arm session recording" button. Is there a shortcut for this? (this would be really crucial)

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