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Thread: Osculator + animata + Wiimote

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    Just remove "wrist" and <float> from the address, these were only descriptions of the arguments in my previous message.

    Also you should set the last option (Route when) to the first menu item (Any value is processed). With the current setting you will get none or weird results.

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    ok i think i am getting it my tired head around it! Still trying the joint bit:

    /wrist = name of joint in Animata
    x = 223.66 the current x position
    y = 86.2319 the current y position

    So in OSCulator i set up the rewrite addresses like this:

    Should it be all three check boxes checked?

    Then these OSC Routing parameters:

    I set up my mac as the host #1 and Animata as #2 (default). Is this right?
    Then in the rewrite address I have Animata OSC Command (with that weird default icon D selected and not #1,#2, etc).Is this as it should be?
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    Hi APC,

    I'm happy to see you are making progress but may I make a suggestion?

    You should really take a the time to read the manual (check the Help menu of OSCulator). OSCulator enables complex things in a simpler user interface, but OSC is still a fresh technology and the concepts behind it need to be known at least a minimum if you want to use them. The PDF manual contains a lot of useful information that will help you save long hours of configuration and frustration.

    In your first screenshot you have assigned the same OSC routing to the TUIO message, its first argument and its second argument. There is no need to do that. Just leave the first OSC routing, and remove the two others.

    Another suggestion, why wouldn't you describe exactly what you need to do, I could give you the detailed steps for the configuration. Fixing the configuration problems is more difficult than following a recipe.

    Should it be all three check boxes checked?
    The purpose of having the Enable checkboxes checked is to let the Events trigger when a message is received, so I guess it would do no harm to let them checked, since there is no event assigned.

    I set up my mac as the host #1 and Animata as #2 (default). Is this right?
    Why are you setting you mac as target #1?
    What is the purpose of that?

    Also, Animate does not need to be the default target.
    Default Targets are only useful when you need to send data back to another device and have everything configured for you automatically. For example suppose you have TouchOSC controlling Ableton Live, and you want to have Live control back TouchOSC.

    You are making things much much more complicated than they should be.
    Simply define your Animata target in a target you define, and use that target for your OSC routing.

    Finally the OSC message address and arguments are wrong.
    1. Animata expects the OSC message "/joint" with 3 arguments ("wrist", and two floating numbers).
    Not "/joint wrist 223.66 86.2319", this does not make sense, and is not a valid OSC message address.

    2. In the argument tokens, you have the "wrist" argument, but there is only one float. Animata expects, two floats. Which means that you need to add another floating argument.


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