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Thread: Multiple Wiimotes with reason

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    Is it possible to control different sound racks in Reason 4, with multiple wiimotes? For example, to control one NNXT rack with one Wiimote and one Thor sound with the another one? I would like to control 4 different reason racks, with 4 wiimotes connected to the same osculator, using my macbook pro.

    Thanks for your attention,


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    Hi Mika,

    i don't have Reason, so I can't be super helpful here.

    However if you are able to control Reason with one Wiimote (which I believe has been already been done), you will have no problem controlling it with several. You just have to make sure the wiimotes are sending on different MIDI control changes, or if you prefer to use the same cc numbers, on different channels.



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    Hello Camille,

    First of all, thanks for attention. I use one wiimote perfectly to control reason samples, but when I connect two at the same time, just one respond instead of the other. Just the one that I put number 1 on the # window (right side of address). Now, I have two Wiimotes connected, one is #1 and the other is #3. Just the #1 send midi messages, while the #3 doesn't answer, and vice versa.

    Have a nice day,


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    Hey Mika,

    Have you checked the MIDI channels on which you are sending MIDI control changes?

    Please post a screenshot of your configuration so I can see how you have set up things.



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