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Thread: Logic key commands set (touchOSC) for download

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    I'm building a key set for logic... you can download it here [Moderator note: this link goes to another post with updated file version]

    Some key commands are not mapped in logic so you must create it... simply try the layout and find the key that don't work... i've made also a list of the key commands used, included in the archive... if you have some suggestion please post it.



    Note from the moderator:
    I have attached the latest version of the files here, thanks Marco for your great work!
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    Thanks Marco, that's very useful!

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    Thanks to you Camille!! There is not so much work here for me

    One question: there no method for create a "feedback buttons" like the toggle one used in midi? for example i would like to have the "toggle mixer" button that remains illuminated when the mixer area in logic is visible... hmmmhh : )

    The screenshot:

    I will add some others page.. I think...

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    Unless Logic does not send its state back to OSCulator, you won't be able to keep the REC button illuminated.

    I guess this is a feature you would like from TouchOSC, that is, having toggle buttons with a text label.

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    Hi Camille,

    in touchOSC I can have a toggle button with text (in fact all the text you can see in my layout is separate from the button)... the problem is that I must press the toggle button two times to activate the key commands... for example: two times for record and two times for stop... plus, as a result, the toggle button remains off in all case

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    ...but I understand that what I want require a more complicated solution, logic don't send a feedback via key commands... I would like to have this set completely mapped without the need to map midi message.. anyway... I think I'll survive to this disaster haha

    PS: logic support a record light in the last version... may be the solution.. at least for the record button (arming track also)

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    V. 2.0:

    At this point I have abandoned the idea of the toggle buttons... no problem about this becouse I prefer all the commands pre-mapped..

    BUT! Now I feel the necessity to assign multiple commands to a single buttons... for istance: I wont that the piano roll page open also the piano roll windows in logic... how can I obtain this result? isn't possible to use 2 page of osculator with the same input port?



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    I've just discovered the duplicate function in osculator... funny!

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    He he you've found the answer.

    The new version look even cleaner, great job.

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    Thanks, here the link to download it, with some small revision: Logic Keys 2.0


    - Logic key commands preset (I have not changed the original shortcuts, only added some others)

    - Osculator file

    - TouchOSC file

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