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Thread: ableton looper feedback?

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    i'm using osculator with Touch OSC to control several Ableton looper plugins from my iphone, which is working brilliantly.

    however: I'm doing it for a stage show where I won't be able to watch the laptop screen all the time, so I'm wondering if there's a way to set up some visual feedback on the status of each looper. I'm using the 'multi-function' button on the looper which starts recording, overdubs, and also stops the loop and clears it depending on how you press it. So it's a bit nervewracking not being sure if you've pressed it the right number of times etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I'd be able to do this?

    Thanks a lot

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    Hey bakdop,

    I'm not sure to understand very well. Are you referring to a specific looper plugin, or this is something bundled with Ableton Live? If this is I can try out of the box, it will certainly help me to give some suggestions.



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    BUMP! Im trying to get feedback from Abletons' Looper plug-in, so that I might be able to display the playback head as an LED position for example. Or even the play/pause/rec/stop status would be good...

    Let me know if anyone has found anything out since the last post here.

    Thanks in advance,


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