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Advanced Preferences

Some Advanced Preferences are not displayed in the user interface. Those settings are targeted to the experienced user or the developer that would like to use OSCulator as a OSC debugging tool.

Enable Key Repeat

The default behavior for OSCulator is trigger the keystrokes without repeating them. However, a normal keyboard do repeats the characters as long as the key is pressed. To enable this behavior, type this command in the Terminal:

defaults write net.osculator.OSCulator DisableKeyRepeat NO

and if you want to come back to the default setting:

defaults delete net.osculator.OSCulator DisableKeyRepeat

The key repetition rate is taken from the system setting, defined in the System Preferences application.

Debugging messages

OSCulator is able to output debugging messages in the Console1), there is at the moment one domain you activate to view useful debugging informations.

Log domain: MIDI Notes

This log domain will output MIDI Notes related informations. To activate that log domain, type in the Terminal:

defaults write net.osculator.OSCulator LogDomains -dict-add 'MIDI Notes' YES

if you want to remove this log domain:

defaults write net.osculator.OSCulator LogDomains -dict-add 'MIDI Notes' NO
for real debugging, it is actually better to launch OSCulator from the command line using the Terminal application.
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