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Debugging OSC can be sometimes tedious. OSCulator provides a way to monitor the input data by using the Console Log event or the Quick Look Window.

Console Log

To use this event, choose 'Console Log' in the Event Type column. There are two types of logging:

Simple Log
Use it when you want to see every input values logged to the Console application.
Timed Log
If your input changes very often, it is better to use the Timed Log event because it only logs every seconds to the Console.

When an OSC message is received, a log entry is written in the System Log. To see it, you can use the system application '', located in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

A view of the Console application

Quick Look Window

The Quick Look makes it even more easy to monitor input values. To display the Quick Look Window, select the message argument you want to monitor, then either press the Space bar, press on the Quick Look toolbar item, or select the Quick Look menu item in the Routings menu.

You can open as many Quick Look Windows as you want, resize and place them on the screen, and also save their position in the document file for later redisplay.

Quick Window showing the roll parameter of the Wiimote

The Quick Look window displays the input with a real time graph. The abcissa spans a duration of 10 seconds, and the ordinate shows values from 0.0 to 1.0 with a fixed scale. The most recent activity is shown on the right, scrolling to the left.

On the top left, there is an activity indicator glowing green when input activity is detected1), and resting grey when no input is received. In the previous picture, the roll parameter of a Wiimote is displayed, showing that messages are sent continuously.

The horizontal line drawn with a lighter grey shows the value 0.5, value at which triggered events2) are fired.

When a message doesn't change, the graph line keeps its current values, and is drawn in grey reflecting the color of the activity monitor:

Quick Look window showing a button being monitored

To dispose the Quick Look window, either click on the close button, or press the Space bar.

that is, when an OSC message is received
like Notes, Key Combos, Toggles, etc.
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