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How to synchronize Kyma Timeline with Logic Studio and the Pacarana

It can be useful to synchronize the Kyma timeline with Logic Studio's sequencer.
This tutorial describes the steps on how to send the MIDI Timecode data to the Pacarana as OSC events by using OSCulator as a MIDI to OSC bridge.

  • Start OSCulator
  • Start Kyma
  • Start Logic
    • In Logic, go to 'Preferences' and select 'MIDI'
    • Click on Sync tab
      • Click on 'MIDI Sync Project Settings' tab (at bottom of screen)
        • Under 'MIDI' Tab, check 'Transmit MTC' under 'MIDI Time Code'
        • Choose 'OSCulator In (8000)'
        • Under 'General' tab, set Bar Position to 1 1 1 1 plays at SMPTE 00:00:00:00.00
    • In Kyma, open a timeline with some Sounds in it
      • Click on the 'Free Running/TimeCode' drop down button and select 'Time code: MIDI or SMPTE'
    • In OSCulator, open the 'Parameters' window
      • Under the 'Input' tab, set the MIDI input to 'Raw'
      • Under the 'OSC Routes' tab, create a new routing by clicking the '+' button at the bottom
        • Select the 'Default Host' for this routing to your Beslime-XX Pacarana address
        • Click OK
    • In Logic, hit 'Play'
      • In OSCulator, a '/midi/raw/osc-in' message will be displayed
        • Assign the 'Event Type' to 'OSC Routing'
        • Assign the 'Value' to 'Default: beslime-XX.
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