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DTXplorer drumkit - MidiPipe and OSCulator, no com.

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  • DTXplorer drumkit - MidiPipe and OSCulator, no com.

    Hi everyone

    Im at my wits end here Im using 2 pieces of hardware and 2 pieces of software, so where to go and ask questions? I saw some good answers in here so I'll try my luck with you guys

    Im trying to connect my Yamaha DTXplorer drumkit to my Mac (OS X 10.5.8) using a ESI MIDI MATE cable. The input is caught using MidiPipe and relayed to OSCulator, that will distribute it further later on.

    When using MidiPipe to print out everything received from the MIDI MATE cable I get only "Program Change - data:192 1 (dec)" continuously (in the AList view in midipipe), whatever pad I hit or pedal I activate, the "Program Change - data:192 1" changes to "Pitch Wheel - data:224 0 0" this is the only thing I can get out of the kit.

    I then turn on OSCulator, standard settings, OSCulator then shows up in midiPipe and can be selected as an output, seems fine. So input = ESI MIDI MATE and output = OSCulator:8000, But OSCulator never registers any events/messages? I have used OSCulator before and there is not much one can do other that "wait for something else to activate it".

    Can it be that my drum kit sends out something wrong that neither midipipe or OSCulator understands?

    /* annoying side note

    I accidently started the Audio MIDI setup app from Apple (for the first time in my life) and this lead to another strange thing. When starting this application my ESI MIDI MATE cable shows up as a MIDI input/output and everything is fine, then I close Audio MIDI setup and play around with OSCulator and MidiPipe, after around 20 min. the ESI MIDI MATE suddenly becomes a MIDI output only! in all applications. Which I can't really use because there is no MIDI in on my drum kit. I then have to open Audio MIDI setup, delete my configuration, make a new configuration with some arbitrary name, have it rescan the MIDI and everything works fine again. This is really strange and not something I would risk if I where to use this setup live*/

    I know it is a bit in the periphery of OSCulator related topics, but I see a lot of people in here with experience and OSCulator is the glue to so many other applications

    Thanks for any suggestions and help You can give me

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    I got myself confused, did a screenshot


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      Hey Ricki,

      Don't worry, no censored topics here, the forum is here to talk about anything of interest!

      About the issue you are having, well I'm really sorry but it seems your device is not sending the right data, and that's for sure. oscltr displays control change events, note events, and some other subtle events. Program changes on the other hand are used to change the presets, meaning they don't register in the main window.

      It would be interesting to see if you ESI MIDI MATE works with another MIDI keyboard or controller, maybe the problem actually comes from your yamaha drum kit? Also, the cable could be faulty or suffer from ground noise, so that's something you want to double check.




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        Hi Cam

        The ESI MIDI MATE has a USB in one end and is forked into a MIDI in and a MIDI out in the other end, the electronics is in the "body" of each plug... the DTXplorer has only got a MIDI out socket. So the MIDI in is hanging next to the drum kit... I have a bachelor in electronics and computer engineering... I feel a bit like an idiot about now

        I guess the signals share a common ground from the USB and that missing that has really messed up the signal, well on a positive note, I don't think I have broken anything important.

        I'll go on looking into how I should ground the MIDI in.

        Thank you for the heads up


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          The grounding issue was really just an idea, but I don't think it's very relevant.

          The most important would be to make sure this converter correctly transmits MIDI events.

          If your drum kit has a sound expander, maybe you can play sound with the MIDI OUT cable and see if it is transmitting data at least on this way (computer to expander)? Trying with a keyboard with the MIDI IN would be best I think …


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            Ok the issue is now resolved I went to my local audio shop, they tested the MIDI Mate cable and it was in fact broken. I bought the new ESI MidiMate II cable and since then everything have been working perfectly.

            Thank you Cam for the input, since the setup is completely stable and Im getting my data into Processing perfectly I can't stop having new ideas every second about what to do with it

            I did a small video and a brief write up of the "Proof of concept" on my blog

            it is mostly a short description of the software used and where to get it, maybe someone in here can use it.

            Thanks again


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              Hey Ricki,

              I saw your post this afternoon, thanks, this is great!

              There is a screenshot of OSCulator where you show how you forwarded the different messages to Processing. Just a detail about this: you carefully added argument tokens to the OSC routings (f:arg[0], etc.), but since you are forwarding all arguments, this is not necessary, you can just leave the arguments token field empty, or put <all args>.

              Combine this with Presets, all you can change all you rig setup with the push of button (or the hit of a pad !).




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                Hi Cam

                Thanks, I'll try that out tomorrow