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    Would it be possible in an update of Osculator to send a command (or string of commands) on the "release" of a button.

    A bit like assigning a sound on a sampler to the release of the key (eg guitar click).

    For example I send a message to traktor to slow down the deck to nothing, but on release of the button the deck starts playing again. It takes a second to press another button for stop, (causing a second of unwanted sound). If I could assign stop to he "release" of the button that would be great

    I also use a "Contour Shuttle Pro" (I wish they would update their software), I love the function that enables you to add a time lag (in milliseconds) between triggering multiple key commands, while holding one button, & wish something like that could be added to Osculator.

    Anyway it's a great program already

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    Hi RT,

    I am thinking about a great way to be able to control the trigger of the various events. In the meantime, I would suggest, if that is possible with Traktor, to use MIDI Control Changes. Combined with the proper scalings (in the Scalings Page, set input min to 1.0 and input max to 0.0 in order to inverse the trigger), you should be able to achieve what you have in mind.

    I've added the event delay to the wish list as well, though I'm not sure how to implement it right now.

    Thanks for the suggestions!