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bluetooth stops working on Snow???

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  • bluetooth stops working on Snow???

    Hi everybody,

    I was using OSCulator by many months flawesly on Leopard, I recently updated my MacBook (unibox late 2008) to Snow Leopard, and since then, Bluetooth stop workings randomly, the Bluetooth icon gets gry with two zigzag tiny lines and it says that the hardware is unavailable or something like that.

    All get fixed when I restart the OS, but the problem is that if this happens when I'm playing live the restart OS workaround is not an option.

    I'm installing Leopard again anyway, but I want to know if somebody has this problems, which OS etc.

    I'm not using any soft like Parallels or VMware that can takeover the Bluetooth hardware.

    Best and thanks in advanced,


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    I have this problem on regular leopard too.. it's a bit different though.

    once in a while I will completely lose bluetooth connectability, but there is no error message, just a greyed-out BT symbol until I reboot.


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      hey djzach thanks for your answer!

      would you tellme your bluetooth software version?


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        Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 2.1.9f10


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          thanks, I will keep you posted if I found something!


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            Hi Gustavo,

            I am really sorry if that forced you to reinstall Leopard.

            I have not heard specifically of this problem, but I know there has been some problems with "blued" (the background process that handles Bluetooth on Mac OS X) and its configuration files. There is a way to reset them to a pristine state, but I don't remember exactly the procedure.

            While reading your post, I was also wondering if you have upgraded Snow Leopard to the latest version, it could help.

            Repairing disk permissions, and holding Command-P-R on computer startup during five reboots is also things that can help …

            Good luck,



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              Actually I don't have that harder BT problem they talks on Mac's forums that need to delete files or do resets procedures, mine is solved just rebooting, then all goes fine again with BT. But I can't afford to reboot in a Live show. Also all was working perfect before the update.

              The other things Idid changed on my setup was: added an Ipad (not through OSCulator) and a Launchpad from Novation.

              I think I read that Launchpad's driver drains extra power from the USB, may be there could be something related to the amount of energy used by the USB, I think BT get's its power from USB also.


              I'm doing some tests right now.



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                do you use a magic mouse?

                I'm asking because the other thing I added was a magic mouse. I'm not using it live but I had to install some extra hardware to use it and may be that changed something on my BT.


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                  nope, no magic mouse