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    Hello, thanks for this great software! Only thing on my wishlist is an advanced routing method, typically a regular expression parser. I often find myself repeating a lot of very simple routings. For example, 4 x 64 times (!) routes like [/1/slider/1 => midi ch 1 cc 1]...etc + the same amount of outgoing routes to display the value feedback!

    With a regular expression interpreter, you could handle this with 2 routing, such as: ingoing route formula could be [OSC:^\/(\d+)\/\w+\/(\d+)$ => MIDI:$1/CC/$2] and the outgoing route formula something like [MIDI:^(\d+)\/CC\/(\d+)$ => OSC:$1/slider/$2 ].

    Maybe there's a way to achieve this already, but i can't find it (btw, as mentionned by someone else in the forum already, "OSC rewriting rules" is a broken link in the documentation)


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    Hi Chab,

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    What you describe here is a big subject, regular expression, unfortunately, solve only a small part of the problem. For example, what about scalings between the input and output, and what about the scalings for the back-mappings? Regular expressions will not help in this case.

    Also, OSCulator is generating automatically the back-mapping based on what is already existing, so once you have configured your OSC to MIDI mappings, the inverse will be automatically created for you, there is no need for regular expressions, and the scalings and argument types are correct.

    I have a suggestion for you: if you have a layout with such a big count of controls, maybe converting their value to MIDI is not the best solution. Couldn't you use OSC directly?


    PS: thanks for mentionning the broken link in the documentation I will fix that in a future release!