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touble with routing midi notes to kyma/paca

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  • touble with routing midi notes to kyma/paca

    Hello Cam

    What are the correct settings to get midi notes out of a DAW into kyma? I finally have midi CC information flowing to the Paca from cubase and midi notes are routed correctly to the Osculator document but Im not sure what i should have selected for note on/ off.

    Ive tried many combinations but obviously not the correct ones. if there is an explanation somewhere that i have overlooked - sorry - post the link and i'll manage. I have spent a good chunk of my day and just got the cc information flowing and I have to run.

    here is a picture


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    Hi Rafe,

    Kyma supports the MIDI over OSC protocol.
    This is the easiest way to send MIDI notes to a Kyma device.

    First part: set-up MIDI over OSC:
    • Open to the Parameters Window and go to the I/O tab.
    • Change the MIDI Input Mode to "Raw".
    • Close the window.
    • Send a bunch of MIDI note to OSCulator, you should see a message called /midi/raw/osc-in.
    Now you will need to create a OSC Routing that sends OSC events to your Paca.
    (please note that you need to perform the previous actions only if your Paca is not already listed.)
    • Open again the Parameters Window, but go to the OSC tab.
    • In the table at the top, choose an empty slot and click on the gear button on the right, choose your Paca that should be in the list if both your computer and the Paca are on the same network.
    • Click the + button to add a new OSC routing.
    • Change the slot number (# column) to the slot where you previously configured your Paca as a network target. This makes sure that your OSC routing is configured to send OSC message to the Paca.
    • You don't need to change anything more.
    Finally, you need to send the /midi/raw/osc-in to the Paca:
    • Choose "OSC Routing" in the Event Type menu and the routing you just created in the Value menu.
    Let me know if that works!



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      Thanks for the reply Cam.

      I was using an older version of osculater and i manually entered the paca serial as described on SSC wiki page and i was confused about the osc port and serial number settings- the handshaking on the current update worked flawlessly. I have tried setting the midi messages to raw and to interpreted - interpreted, the midi cc messages work and now the midi notes work (previously user error) - I reread the section on mapping messages in the manual which sorted out my problem. FYI if i set the midi messages to raw none of the messages work but this could be a lack of understanding of how I should be handling the messages in kyma.

      Thanks for taking the time to clarify the steps.