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Logic Pro X, Midas M32 and OSculator

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  • Logic Pro X, Midas M32 and OSculator

    Hey there,

    I am trying to program the Midas M32 to communicate with Logic Pro (without HUI).
    First of all, why without HUI? Simple: The console has only one session for HUI and I would like to use the entire console.

    I already got OSCulator to read the parameters and communicate with Logic Pro. The problem is that I just send the signal and don't receive it.
    I move the M32 fader and the DAW fader, but not the other way around. I move DAW and M32 doesn't respond.

    These are the signs in the OSC:
    I made a video to show:
    I tried using this video as a guide:

    Any solution?

    Thank you!

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    Don't you get midi loop back if you sent it back?

    i think you can arrange that in logic, but I don't know exact how to help.
    i have to check that later.


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      I think you have to go to "control surface setup"
      Select your mixer
      and there select your midi in and outputs.
      this is in Logic Pro


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        I have tried everything you can imagine :/


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            THE midi environment maybe?
            Apple key-0

            i dont know your mixer console good
            but I think it must be possible.
            do you have contact apple
            maybe they can tel how to arrange this.
            for me it's very complicated, without the m32

            And the midi environment is a bit abracadabra to me.
            but maybe a good begin for you.