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Bi-Directional control of motorized faders glitchy?

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  • Bi-Directional control of motorized faders glitchy?

    Hey Folks.

    I have bi-directional control over Behringer X32 mixer faders from a custom OSC editor via Osculator.

    If I control the X32 faders from the editor, sending OSC to the X32, the screen and X32 faders moves very smoothly.
    If I send OSC from the X32 faders to the editor, the screen and the X32 faders also move very smoothly.

    However, when I have Osculator mapped for Bi-Directional communication, the X32 faders don't move smoothly when physically touched.
    They will begin to move and then jerk to a stop but will still move if physically forced.
    If I then move the fader very slowly it will move better but with kinda jerky stops along the way.

    Is this a port buffer over run situation? Too much data moving back and forth?

    I have setup three different mapping configurations in Osculator that I switch between so far to work around this.

    1. Editor only control (Show Mode)
    2. X32 only control (Programming Mode)
    3. Selective Bi-Directional control (Show Mode)

    The first two work very well. The third is a little glitchy as stated.

    The Bi-Directional glitches don't seem to be a problem for the X32 digital encoders.
    It probably happens to them too only they are not mechanical is my guess.
    X32 Buttons also seem to work just fine.

    Any ideas for a work around or parameter adjustment would be great. Thanks.


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    Hi Kyra,

    It sounds like messages sent from the console are sent back to it during the same interaction. How does the OSC editor you mentioned works? It should not echo back messages it received.



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      Thanks Camille.

      I will have a look to see if there is a setting for OSC thru like there is for MIDI sometimes.
      It would be cool to find it and shut it off if possible. Thanks again.



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        Camille you are brilliant! Everything works a treat now! Thanks so much. You made my day!!