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Dynamically invert slider (fader)

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  • Dynamically invert slider (fader)

    i use a APC mini sliders/faders to control the Atem Mini. The transition bar is attached to one slider, but since i don´t use the slider all the time and use "auto" the slider is not always in the same position as the bar (slider 0%, bar 100%). When i move the slider, of course the bar jumps to the sliders value immediatly and this looks ugly on tv of course :-)
    Can i store the bars feedback in a variable and invert the sliders values according to the bars position?
    thanks for any adive :-)

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    Hi Christoph,

    I am unsure what the correct behavior would be. I guess you'd want the value of the slider to be picked up when it becomes close to the actual value of the slider in Atem Mini. But OSCulator cannot know that unless there is some feedback. Maybe there is a setting in Atem Mini that would help you control how the slider is controlled from MIDI?



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      Hi Camille,
      thanks for writing back. Actually i found a solution (but also new problem):
      - Duplicate slider in MidiPipe and invert values
      - atem mini t-bar sends feedback (demux it): when 0 -> enable normal slider, when 1 enable inverted slider (midipipe)
      But unfortunately, when the slider reaches 0, the next transition already starts because 0 activates the other slider.

      So for now i have a button which lights up green when t-bar is at 100%. Then i just move my slider up to 100% if not already, hold the button (this enables the slider) and move the slider :-)
      This is may be even the better solution because you can´t touch the slider by accident. Best would be a motorised fader :-)
      If you have other solutions i´m always interested, i bought osculator some time ago but now i´m really using it a lot and still scratch the surface :-)
      Thank you


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        Hi ChristophD,

        I'm using APCMini too to control ATEM Mini...

        I'm having the same issue for TBar.

        Here my template with a lot of function managed by APCMini... First you have to press SEND STATUS Button to read the parameter from switcher.

        Keep in touch for the TBar...

        MrBossItaly atemminiboss.osc3 atemminiboss.osc3 map.pdf


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          here my template. Shift button is for cut, above it for auto transition and button above lights up if t-bar is at 100% -> then just moove the fader 9 up, hold button and move fader
          if button is not lit up, t-bar is at 0% so moove fader down first...
          my template is complete different because i use most buttons to control other equipment
          i was thinking to duplicate the t-bar fader with midiPipe and invert its value and if t-bar is at 0 enable the correct fader but i leads to trouble. may be first disable both faders, add a small delay and then enable one fader. But if you use t-bar constantly, this would lead to a new problem....
          any other ideas?

          btw: in my template i added a "instant preview" button to view sources fullscreen when holding the button. the preview mode which was selected earlier (multiview, program or preview out) is saved in a variable and activated after button is released. This might be helpful to someone.
          sorry no nice map PDF :-)
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            Hi, I'm working on this issue, too

            I used the /atem/transition/feedback command to read out wich of state the slider is.

            Now I need to use this information in a correct way.

            I tried to duplicate the
            /atem/transition/feedback input and added the "Enable" Feature to enable the bar OSC-command or the bar inverse OSC-command

            The result is a flickering transition bar when reaching half the way up or down.

            I uploaded the test file - perhaps its useful for someone and we can find a solution together
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              I created a workaround:
              Every time I use the "AUTO" Transition Button on my MIDI Controller I switch the Fader direction - it's not exactly what I dream of, bit it works...

              BUT I'm still working on a solution with the feedback from ATEM OSC

              Perhaps Camille is able to help with that:

              I Receive the following messages while moving the bar:

              /atem/pro/transition/bar ,f 0.00


              /atem/pro/transition/bar ,f 1.00

              Now I want to enable an message on 0.00 and another on 1.00

              on 0.00 I would like to trigger a Message so the slider is reacting normael
              on 1.00 I would like to trigger a Message so the slider is inverted

              The Command for that is:
              unfortunately the same as the receiving command:

              So for moving the slider I use


              for sending out values from 0-1 and 1-0 on the inverted Message

              Inverting the Slider works perfectly well, but I'm not able to make use of the incoming commands!
              I'm not able to use the "Enable" command on these incoming Values.

              It feels like I'm so close, but I'm too stupid to understand...
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                To make an update:
                A new Version is here - it's streamlined a bit but still working and is still only working if you use only the MIDI Keyboard
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