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MIDI IN: Prevent multiple note triggers?

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  • MIDI IN: Prevent multiple note triggers?

    I am using MIDI bass pedals to trigger OSC messages to change macros on my ATEM mini and it works.
    Each note of the 12-key pedalboard is configured and works. However with each foot press, the OSC command is sent multiple times. How can this be tweaked to work better?

    For me it would make sense to program in a a delay time of 100ms or so to mute any MIDI inputs after receiving a note.

    The system is too sensitive.

    I am happy to be able to trigger ATEM macros with my feet with a Keith McMillen 12-step. (MIDI bass pedals)

    I use my Atem to live switch while I produce Live TV shows and now I can switch between my primary three shots by triggering macros with a bass pedal MIDI keyboard. Here is the setup in AtemOSC

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    Hello Robb,

    A MIDI Note is triggered two times with a different value for the trigger argument : one time when the note is pressed, one time when the note is released. What you want is to be able to filter out one of these messages.

    In OSC Routes parameters, select an OSC Route, and open the route editor. Then at the bottom, change the value of the "Send when:" menu, and choose something appropriate, like "The value goes from positive to 0".