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Merge two mapping files?

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  • Merge two mapping files?

    Hi everybody,

    I want to merge two mapping files (OSCulator documents) into one. Is that possible?

    I am using Version 3.4.3

    Thank you so much!


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    Hi Martin,

    You could try to copy and paste messages from one document to another.

    Otherwise you can use the Mappings menu (in the toolbar) to import mappings form another document.

    Let me know if that helps.


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      Thank you Camille,

      copy paste doesn't work for some reason, maybe I am doing it wrong? Mapping menu I also tried but then it loads the two mappings but I have to select one of them, so I can jump
      in between two mappings but I cant run them at the same time.


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        I see… What are you trying to copy/paste ?
        If the messages have events like OSC Message or anything that exists in the Parameters Window, you might want to try to copy those parameters first.


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          This is, what my view looks like. If I copy a whole line, I cant paste them into the window. Am I in the right view?

          What I want to do is this: For Example, you see the OSC-path /3/oscplayer/value/40 and I want to add /1/oscplayer/value/40 and /2/oscplayer/value/40 but keep the mapped midi-mapping (D#4 in this case)

          Thank you so much!

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            And I thought I can do that by opening the OSCulator document, replace /3/ with /2/ and then merge the two documents in the program


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              Copy and paste worked! Turns out you have to be careful that nothing is highlighted. Thank you for your help!