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Add a Delay / Limiter for output?

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  • camille
    Hi Chase,

    Unfortunately, there is no such feature, but we can discuss it.

    You want to limit a stream of incoming message to one message output every 5 seconds.
    What happens if there is no message sent during some time?
    Should OSCulator release the last received message at the end of the given duration?

    If there are many OSC messages received that must be rate-limited, should the output by synchronized? That is the 5 seconds release follows a master clock, for all outputs?

    Do you want to fine tune the rate-limiting with each individual OSC message streams, or do you want a master setting applying to the whole file?

    I can see there are a lot of possibilities, I need more input to better understand your needs.


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  • ChaseBowman
    started a topic Add a Delay / Limiter for output?

    Add a Delay / Limiter for output?

    I'm working with a device that sends OSC messages in rapid succession (rapid fire). Is there a way that Osculator can limit how often it sends a MIDI message based on this?

    In other words, I want it to only send 1 MIDI message to Ableton every 5 seconds even though Osculator is getting bombarded with that OSC message from my device.