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Osculator does not run on Mac Ventura 13.5.2

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  • Osculator does not run on Mac Ventura 13.5.2

    I have updated my mac mini m1 to Ventura and osculator stopped working.
    When I try to launch from osculator, it just bounces and does not open the app.

    Is there anything I can do to make it work? Is anyone having similar issue?

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    Well, to be precise, it runs fine on ventura, but it will stop working after while and when I force quite the osculator and start the app again, it will not run.
    I need to restart my PC and osculator will start working again.


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      I am sorry, but I have no idea of what could happen.
      What processing are you doing in OSCulator?

      Some events like AppleScript cause OSCulator to block until they are finished executing.
      Otherwise it could be a many different causes, like networking or memory.



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        Ok, I think I was able to constantly replicate the issue on my PC.
        I have a Motu Ultralite AVB audio interface, I am sending OSC command to it with osculator.
        Motu Ultralite AVB has separate power source other than USB bus power from Mac and I can choose to turn it off.

        I have my mac in sleep and I manually turn off my Motu, when I come back to wake up My mac and manually turn on the Motu,
        Osculator stop responding to midi command, I force quite osculator and try to open osculator again and it just bounce and does not open.

        Is this bug in the system or something I am doing wrong?

        When I reboot my mac, it will work fine.

        Just annoying that I have to restart my PC everytime this happens.


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          Ok, I made little more progress, so will eventually run without restarting my PC, I will click on osculator icon and leave it for maybe 5 mins and it will eventually come up.
          However osculator does not respond to my midi command. I am using port 8000. Can I provide some kind of logs for you to investigate?


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            Ok, so it seems like osculator cannot claim their 8000 port for some reason.....I am testing with different port# to see if I can replicate same issue


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              Ok I tested for few days.
              I believe It was port issue. I just change my port to other than 8000 and everything is working fine.


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                This means port 8000 is claimed by another process. Is there anything running on your computer other than OSCulator that could interfere with port 8000?


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                  So I am still having issue again, I do not think it is port issue.
                  I have audio interface called Motu Ultralite AVB and this takes osc command. I am sending midi command from my PC to osculator, then send out OSC command to my motu.

                  At night time I turn off my motu and put my PC to sleep.
                  I wake up in the morning and turn on my motu and wake my PC, I noticed that this is usually when osculator stop responding......and freeze


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                    Interesting finding!
                    Do you use TCP or UDP as the protocol to send OSC messages?


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                      It uses UDP


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                        Since the application hangs, macOS might suggest you to send a crash report.
                        Could you please copy/paste the information and send it to camille at osculator dot net, please?

                        I would like to see what causes OSCulator to hang on waking up from sleep.


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                          I do not have crash report from osculator.
                          Are there any other way that I can provide more information to you?


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                            I think I found out issue, it was problem with my midi driver.
                            I noticed that when I was having issue with osculator, I also could not open "Audio midi setup" in mac.

                            I went into /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers and deleted motu driver and everything is working as intended for past 3 days.

                            If I have another issue, I will come back here, but I am very confident that it was midi driver issue with motu.


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                              This is great, thank you for letting us know!