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Osculator / Reactivision HELP!

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  • Osculator / Reactivision HELP!

    Completely new to the oscillator program so I hope there is a really obvious solution that I have completely overlooked.
    Anyway what I'm trying to do is trigger clips in ableton based on where the object is. more specifically I'll have a 3x grid and each square when you move the object
    into that space launches a different clip. Happy for other solutions for this problem as well. The way I have gone about it is to break up the x position into 3 section with maximum and minimum input breaking the area into 3 lines and then using those to activate three groups of y location. so in theory the x location turns on the three y location in that line and the y location send the midi cc note to ableton... but here is the problem, whenever the y location is turned on it sends a midi note from all three y locations. once it is turned on I get normal functionality and can move it up and down getting a single midi note from each different y location as desired. Is there anyway to stop the y location sending the midi note when it is activated?
    Thanks so much,

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    Hi Julian,

    It's difficult to advise because your question is very specific.
    Is there any way to avoid the MIDI note altogether?
    You could activate the MIDI note only when the TUIO object is active, not sure if that's what you want to do...